1) What is the difference between Alidad and Studio Alidad?
The style is simpler, lighter and younger than his signature work in the past. Whether it is the contemporary English country house look or Hampton’s style homes, Studio Alidad can work with a range of different interior design projects and styles.

2) Would you work on a smaller budget?
Studio Alidad typically works within smaller budgets. We ensure our estimates are accurate and our projects are always kept to the overall budget.

3) What is the usual timeline for a project?
A desirable bespoke style can be achieved in as little as three-to-six months. The time a project takes is entirely dependent on the project itself. Although speed is important for many clients, we would never give an unrealistic lead time which would affect the quality and finish of the project. We work very closely with our client’s to not only find out what their present needs are but also to combine it with their future requirements; this is a big part of the interior design process.

4) Is any project too small? (Is it possible to commission Alidad for designing just one room, for example, a living room or study?)
We work with an array of different clients and consequently a range of different sized projects, from single rooms to full-house redesigns. The size of the project does not affect our dedication to ensure the end-product is right for you.

5) What is the process after hiring an interior designer?
A professional interior designer will bring vision and clarity while also avoiding mistakes, and speeding up the process from start to finish. All of these qualities ensure we design your dream home whilst guiding you through the process.

6) How much input does a client have?
The client can have as much or as little input in the design process as they wish. The end-goal is to design a contemporary home that suits the client’s character, taste and way of life.

7) Would you mix Alidad and Studio Alidad’s styles?
For certain projects it would certainly be possible, but we would need to carefully ensure certain boundaries are maintained in order for the project to a true success.

8) Would you consider using eco-friendly and sustainable materials?
We’re always happy to use environmentally-friendly materials for any projects, whilst ensuring that the final look of the project suffers in no way. We believe that quality furniture is eco-friendly in that it lasts a longtime and is not part of the throw-away culture.

9) How does the process begin?
Simply contact us at Alidad and we’ll arrange a meeting with you at our offices or the project location.

10) How far would you travel for a Studio Alidad project?
Typically anywhere across the world for a large-scale project. Smaller projects undertaken at Alidad are typically within London. Please contact us to provide further details of your project.

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