The Studio Alidad team provides a range of interior design services in order to deliver creative, bespoke solutions to individual briefs.

  • Newly built houses
  • Decoration
  • Renovation

Working with private clients, developers and landlords, projects range from modifying just one room to transforming an entire living space. The style is simpler, lighter and younger than Alidad’s past projects, and a desirable bespoke style can be achieved in as little as 3 to 6 months. Whether it be the English country house interior design look or Hampton’s style homes, Studio Alidad can work with a range of different projects.

Alidad is a perfectionist whose reputation is built on his professionalism, his unique blend of art historical knowledge and his ability to create beautiful, convivial and welcoming homes.

Studio Alidad offers younger-looking and stylish living spaces inspired by Alidad, and appealing to a new audience. This ‘look’ of english country house interior decorating can meet smaller budgets and be created within a short time frame, but always with the vital assurance of quality. Studio Alidad provides the busy young professional with a headache-free and more accessible made-to-measure service. Alidad’s close-knit team, well versed in his design theories, has adapted his signature concepts adding a fresh, distinctive and accessible interior design service ideal for today’s hectic life-style.

An initial consultation with the Studio Alidad team is the first stage of the design process. Feel free to contact us or call us on 0207 384 0121 for more information.

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